Evolution take Five Golds at Northampton Inter-club

On Sunday 27th of August 2017, eleven fighters from Evolution Martial Arts in Boston travelled to Fighting Fit in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. The fighters competed and took a haul of trophies from the Interclub at the academy in Wellingborough. The fighters came away 5 golds, 2 silver and 6 bronze medals for the not for profit Kickboxing club in Boston.

Evolution Martial Arts at the recent Inter-club.

Back Left to Right Coach Linda Baxter, Coach Louise Clayton, Olivia Green, Matthew Lewis, Rhys Coleman.

Middle Left to Right Teegan Aldis, Paige Stedman, Mackenzie Warrant, Kaius, Mason Vaughan.

Front Left to Right Kyle Green, Beth Hourihan, Theo Magalhaes and Ellis Vaughan.

Theo Magalhaes who recently turned 5 years of age competed for his second time at this competition. Theo fought in the Point Fighting division where he had 3 fights before claiming the first place trophy of the day for Evolution Martial Arts after winning all of his fights.

Theo taking gold in his Point Fighting Division.

Kyle Green fought his way through to the final of his Light Continuous division, only his second time competing in this style of fighting. In the final Kyle fought against a Northampton fighter where he won with a unanimous decision. Kyle then fought also in his Point Fighting divisions where he fought really well to claim himself bronze.

Kyle winning his Light Continuous section.

Next to win gold for Evolution Martial Arts was Mason Vaughan who is 9 years of age. Mason won his Point Fighting section where he fought 4 opponents winning all of his matches. Mason also claimed a bronze in his Light Continuous division, this was only his first time competing in this style.

Mason winning gold in his Point Fighting section.

Paige Stedman, 11 years old, competed in the Girls Point Fighting Division where she won all of her matches against 2 opponents including one from Shudan.

Paige winning gold in her Point Fighting Division.

Matthew Lewis, 11 years old, fought for the first time at this Interclub. Matthew performed brilliantly in his Point Fighting Division where he took the gold position, an impressive achievement at his first competition.

Matthew taking Gold in his Point Fighting Division.

Mackenzie Warrant, 11 years old, fought and claimed silver in both his Point Fighting and Light Continuous sections after a great effort to win his place in the final of both.

Mackenzie taking one of his silver trophies.

Taking bronze at this Interclub in Northampton was Kaius, 9 years old, at his first competition in Point Fighting with some really good performances.

Kaius taking a bronze in his Point Fighting Divison.

Beth Hourihan, 7 years old, claimed bronze in Point Fighting where she fought really well in a mixed category of both boys and girls.

Beth claiming bronze in her Point Fighting Division.

Next to take bronze was Olivia Green who is 11 years old in Point Fighting where she fought in a mixed category.

Olivia taking bronze in her Point Fighting Division.

Teegan Aldis who is also 11 years old also took a bronze in her Point Fighting division after some good fights.

Teegan taking bronze in her Point Fighting.

Well done to all of the Evolution fighters at this Kickboxing event. Everyone fought really well, not taking a medal but claiming runner up position was also Ellis Vaughan.

Mason Vaughan fighting at the recent competition scoring a lovely two point head kick.