Evolution take home flurry of medals at the Watford Open Nationals 2018

On Sunday 28th of January 2018 it was the first competition for Evolution Martial Arts fighters of the year at the Watford Open Nationals held in Aylesbury at the Stoke Mandeville Stadium and Olympic Lodge. The first kickboxing event of the year for the fighters was attended by some high-quality athletes from countries including Hungary, Ireland, Italy and Germany. The team fought outstandingly and came home with an Open Weight Champion, one Gold, two Silver and four Bronze.

Back left to right: Riley Brocklesby, Chelsea Leggatt, Teegan Aldis, Olivia Green, Paige Stedman and Mackenzie Warrant. Front left to right: Jake Peppercorn, Tomass Bogdans, Toni Hunter, Talon Chambers, Paul Hutchinson, Isaac Hutchinson, Theo Magalhaes, Nesta Baxter and Coach Linda Baxter.

Nesta Baxter, 17, who is the current WAKO Junior European Champion in her category, fought in the Junior Girls (16-18yrs) Open Weight Division where she came up against some of the best fighters in the Junior Point Fighting Divisions. After some good fights, Nesta made it to the final where she fought against a fellow GB fighter from Northampton with Nesta taking a strong win to secure herself the title. Nesta then went on to take a silver medal in the Senior Ladies Point Fighting Division -60kg after missing out narrowly on the top spot to Andrea Busa, from Hungary currently ranked third in the Senior ladies division.

Nesta Baxter in 1st Place winning the Junior Girls (16-18yrs) Open Weight Grand Champion

Jake Peppercorn, 16, took the Gold at the Watford Open Nationals 2018 for the third year running in the Boys 16 years and under +69kg Point Fighting. Jake fought exceptionally well throughout the preliminary rounds, beating fighters from Italy along the way. In the final Jake came up against a top-class GB fighter but after a close and exciting final it was Jake who won the fight taking his third Watford Open National Title in a row.

Jake Peppercorn in 1st place winning the Boys 16yrs and Under +69kg Point Fighting

Toni Hunter fought in the Veteran Ladies +65kg Point Fighting where she took a well-deserved Silver Medal after some great fighting. In the Semi Final, Toni beat a strong opponent from Basingstoke booking herself a spot in the final against a world class Italian Fighter from ECO. The final was close between the Italian and Toni from Evolution Martial Arts but it was the Italian who took the 1st place position after a great fight.

Toni Hunter taking silver in the Ladies Veteran +65kg Point Fighting

Paige Stedman, 12, won a Bronze Medal in the Girls 16yrs and Under -46kg category after fighting against competitors from Italy and the Netherlands secured herself a place in the semi-final. In the semi-final, Paige fought against a much taller and older opponent who is part of the National GB team, after a very good performance from Paige she settled for a well-deserved bronze medal.

Paige Stedman winning the Bronze Medal in the Girls 16yrs and Under -46kg Point Fighting

Chelsea Leggatt, 17, won herself two bronze medals at the Watford Open Nationals 2018. The first of these bronze medals was in the Junior Girls (16-18yrs) Open Weight Grand Champion where she fought and won against some top class junior fighters before coming up against a very good fighter from Northampton in the semi-final where Chelsea settled for a Bronze. The next bronze medal of Chelsea was in the Senior Female +65kg Light Continuous division where she fought against a strong Senior GB fighter from Watford in the semi-final, after a close fight it was Chelsea’s opponent who progressed to the final, leaving Chelsea in third place position.

Chelsea Leggatt in third place in the Senior Female +65kg Light Continuous.

The final bronze medal of the day was won by Paul Hutchinson. This was the first competition for Paul and it was great to see him step on the tatami at such a high-class kickboxing event. Paul fought and won his bronze medal in the Novice Veteran Men +75kg Point Fighting after some good fighting in the semi-final.

Riley Brocklesby, Teegan Aldis, Olivia Green, Mackenzie Warrant, Tomass Bogdans, Talon Chambers, Isaac Hutchinson and Theo Magalhaes all fought very well in their categories representing Evolution Martial Arts in Boston. After coming up against fighters from a variety of countries including Germany, Italy and the Netherlands these fighters took away runner up positions.

Tomass Bogdans, Theo Magalhaes and Isaac Hutchinson at the Watford Open Nationals 2018