Medal Haul at Peterborough Series

Evolution Martial Arts’ novice fighters Mason Vaughan, Kaius Rakauskas, Thomas Jobson, Ellis Vaughan, Tomass Bogdans and Theo Ziobro Magalhaes travelled over to Peterborough to the first tournament of the Peterborough Series.

Back Left to Right - Mason Vaughan, Ellis Vaughan, Thomas Jobson and Kaius Rakauskas. Front Left to Right - Tomass Bogdans and Theo Ziobro Magalhaes.

Theo and Tomass fought in the same Pee Wee Point Fighting category, after three round each of strong fighting Theo came away with 1st and Tomass 2nd place. Theo then moved into his light continuous category after a strong fight he gained a place in the final after coming up against a much taller opponent he came away with 2nd place.

Theo in First Place and Tomass in Second Place in the Point Fighting division.

Then Thomas and Ellis were also in the same Points category with Thomas this event being his first tournament he took his first fight with a lead of 30 Points. Ellis also won his first fight gaining a place in the final coming up against his team member Thomas, after a very close final Thomas took 1st place and Ellis 2nd overall.

Thomas taking Gold and Ellis taking Silver in the Point Fighting Division.

Mason in his category had some excellent fights and going through to a tough final winning by one point to gain 1st place.

Kaius then stepped onto the mats for his point fighting category. In his first fight he came up against a strong opponent loosing the first round but went through to the third place fight off winning this by 2 Points taking 3rd place.

A fantastic win for all fighting for Evolution Martial Arts, coming away with 3x Gold, 3x Silver and 1x Bronze. Well done everyone with some fantastic fighting.