Evolution Fighters return from Hamburg with a Haul of Trophies

On Saturday 23rd of June, Nesta Baxter and Rhys Coleman two young fighters from Evolution Martial Arts fought at the Heroes of Hamburg in Germany and after many great performances the duo came back to Boston with 3x Gold, 3x Silver and 2x Bronze.

Rhys Coleman and Nesta Baxter at the Heroes of Hamburg.

The event was in the district of Wandsbek in Hamburg where the duo represented Evolution Martial Arts and after their results finished with the club in 17th place, a brilliant achievement for a club of only two fighters at this event.

Nesta Baxter, 18, came home with 3x Gold and 2x Silver in her individual categories. Nesta won the three golds in the Junior Girls (16-18yrs) -60kg Light Continuous, Senior Women (19+yrs) -60kg Kick Light and Light Continuous. Nesta fought against German fighters in her finals so fighting against fighters in their home country meant that Nesta had to work even harder to ensure the win. Nesta claimed her silver medals in the Junior Girls (16-18yrs) Grand Champion and -60kg Point Fighting after narrowly missing out on the win to Kiara Mager in the later by one point to a very strong international fighter.

Nesta Baxter at the Heroes of Hamburg.

Rhys Coleman, 19, was fighting in very tough light weight senior point fighter divisions where some of the best male athletes complete in. Rhys made his way to the final and won his first silver medal in the Senior Men Point Fighting -63kg after fighting a very good Belgium fighter in the final. Rhys then went on to win another silver medal in the Senior Men Point Fighting -57kg, with some great fighting in the final against Eric Kirchner.

Rhys in second place in the -63kg Point Fighting.

Rhys and Nesta fought in the Mixed Team Senior Point Fighting Event which had some great duo teams from across Europe fighting for the win. After making it through the preliminary rounds and quarter finals, Nesta and Rhys fought against Feuers Elite and although the team fought fantastically the other team progressed to the final and the Evolution Team finished with a strong bronze placing.

Well done to Nesta and Rhys at one of the last international competitions at the end of this half season before summer and finishing with a great set of results for the club down Fishtoft Road.