International Kickboxing Medals at the Turkish Open

On the 4th of April 2019 Nesta Baxter and Chelsea Leggatt training and fighting for Evolution Martial Arts in Boston flew out to the 4th International Turkish Kickboxing Open to compete in the World Series Tournament. The event was held in Antalya in Turkey and held host for over 2000 entrants from countries including Argentina, India, Mauritius, Syria, Denmark and many more. Nesta, Chelsea and Evolution Martial Arts’ Head Coach Linda Baxter flew the GB flag representing their country and Evolution Martial Arts at the opening ceremony for the event before the fighting began.

Chelsea Leggatt, Linda Baxter and Nesta Baxter at the Opening Ceremony of the International Turkish Open 2019

After a busy weekend of fighting Nesta Baxter, 18, fought across a variety of divisions with it being her final competition in the Junior divisions after turning 19 shortly after the event. This meant it was important for Nesta to leave the Junior sections with a statement which she definitely delivered through taking Gold in all three of the Junior Categories, these were Junior -60kg Light Continuous, Point Fighting and Kick Light. To be able to achieve these Nesta fought off world-class opponents from around the globe including from South America and Europe.

This means that Nesta finishes her time in the Junior Divisions as ALL TIME WORLD NUMBER ONE RANKED in the Junior -60kg Female Light Continuous Category, a great achievement.

Nesta then also went on to compete in the Senior Divisions of the Turkish Open, where she came fought a variety of styles of fighters in all three of her divisions. After some great fighting Nesta won Gold in the Senior -60kg Light Continuous, Silver in Senior -60kg Point Fighting and Bronze in Senior -60kg Kick Light and Senior Grand Champion Point Fighting.

Nesta Baxter won 4x Gold, Silver and 2x Bronze

Chelsea Leggatt, 19, also had an extremely successful events fighting in the tough Senior Categories, Chelsea competed against some home team Turkish fighters along with lots of other different national team fighters. In the Senior Point Fighting Chelsea fought through a tough division where she came up against one of the best ranked competitors in the world in the division from Hungary, Chelsea fought well to take a silver. Then in the Light Continuous Chelsea came away with a well deserved bronze before then going on to take a bronze in the Senior Point Fighting Grand Champion Bronze sharing the podium with her fellow teammate.

Chelsea Leggatt won Silver and 2x Bronze

Overall this international weekend was a great success for both of the fighters involved and Evolution Martial Arts as a club and team. With the success of both fighters and coaching team Evolution Martial Arts finished in 13th position out of 362 clubs which is another fantastic international ranking position for the Boston based club especially with just two fighters this weekend. A big thank you goes out to Acorn Taxis for the sponsorship at this event and to Linda Baxter and Nigel Baxter for the coaching at this competition and at the not for profit club Evolution Martial Arts.

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Nesta Baxter and Chelsea Leggatt at the 4th International Turkish Open Kickboxing European Cup